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Yarra Cabs Geelong goes beyond being a cost-effective and dependable transport choice for individuals. While our primary focus involves transporting passengers in our fleet of Standard and Maxi Taxis in Geelong, our drivers also serve as taxi couriers for Geelong.  This includes the transportation of parcels, documents, medical equipment, and pathology needs.

Our taxi parcel delivery service in Geelong is competitively priced and generally faster than mainstream couriers. Our drivers prioritize your parcel’s destination without the need to plan routes for numerous packages bound for different destinations.

Consider these everyday scenarios:

  • You’re alone in the office and urgently need a parcel delivered to a client on the other side of town. What do you do? You call our Geelong taxi courier service for a speedy, affordable, and reliable delivery.
  • You’re on a tight deadline, and everything depends on obtaining a client’s signature. How do you ensure the paperwork reaches the client and returns to the office with minimum fuss and guaranteed service? You call a cab, and the driver handles the delivery and return of the paperwork.
  • You’re a small business owner and can’t afford to take public holidays. How do you make deliveries when regular parcel services are on holiday? You rely on our taxi parcel delivery service in Geelong, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Using our Yarra Cabs Geelong parcel delivery service is straightforward

When you contact our operators, simply inform them that you require our parcel delivery services and provide details about the parcel’s destination – we’ll take care of the rest. Whether you hail a cab from the footpath or taxi rank, book online through our website and app, or make a call, you can expect service that is second to none. Yarra Cabs Geelong is here to meet your transportation and parcel delivery needs with efficiency and reliability.

Not just limited to what’s listed above.  For more details, please get in touch with our team at +61 468 330 509.

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FAQ – Geelong Parcel Delivery

Can I send a parcel in a taxi?

Yarra Cabs Geelong’s drivers are aware of the routes and traffic in the area, so, choosing to deliver your parcel through our taxi company means you can have your courier delivered safely and in timely manner.

How does the Yarra Cabs Geelong delivery service work?

It’s like having your own on-demand courier service. If you have something you need to get somewhere fast, jump on the website or call us to get your package picked up.

What if I need something picked up and delivered to me?

Not a problem. Let’s say you’ve bought something on Gumtree and you want it fast. Just let the seller know you’ll be sending a Yarra Cabs Geelong driver to pick it up, then jump on the our website or call us. Let us know the seller’s pick up address and your address as the destination.

Is there anything Yarra Cabs Geelong will not deliver?

Drivers will not pick up any illegal items or dangerous goods. This includes, but not limited to fireworks, stolen goods, drugs, weapons, explosives, fuel and hazardous material.

Items that cannot be secured properly inside the cab by the Driver and items that aren’t flat packed. Please note, Yarra Cabs Geelong Drivers do not carry tie down straps for securing large or bulky items.

How much does it cost?

With Yarra Cabs Geelong, you can get it there for the price of a cab fare. We don’t charge extra for priority packages and unlike ride sharers, our prices never surge, no matter what time of the day or night you book, or how busy it is. Better still, when you use the Yarra Cabs Geelong, your delivery comes with a price guarantee. The price you see when you book is the price you pay.

I'm a small business. Can i use Yarra Cabs Geelong Delivers?

Absolutely. In fact, we do on-demand deliveries for small businesses all over Geelong every day. From urgent spare parts to a surprise birthday cake, Yarra Cabs Geelong is the go-to solution if you need it there fast and handled with care

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