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We understand the importance of providing reliable transportation options for passengers arriving at or departing from this significant gateway. At Yarra Cabs Geelong, we offer a range of taxi services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. For those travelling with a larger group or excessive luggage, our Maxi Taxis are a perfect choice. Our fleet includes well-maintained and spacious vehicles capable of accommodating up to 10 passengers comfortably, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable journey.

Our dedicated team at Yarra Cabs Geelong takes pride in delivering prompt and courteous services, ensuring that your experience with us is efficient and enjoyable. Whether arriving from the Spirit of Tasmania or heading to the terminal, our taxis are readily available to meet your requirements. Trust Yarra Cabs Geelong for a seamless transportation experience, providing peace of mind for all your travel needs in the Geelong area.

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Spirit of Tasmania


Spirit of Tasmania Quay to/from Melbourne Airport

Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport is located approximately 80km (about 60 minutes ‘ drive) from Spirit of Tasmania Quay. The airport is also connected to the city by a regular bus service, Skybus, which arrives and departs from the bus terminal at Southern Cross train station. For fares and timetable information, visit the SkyBus website. Alternatively, you can book Yarra Cabs Geelong for fast and prompt pick up and drop off from Spirit of Tasmania’s Terminal.

For bookings or more information, please get in touch with Yarra Cabs Geelong online or call on +61 468 330 509.


Spirit of Tasmania Quay to / from Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport is approximately 19km (about 20 minutes’ drive) from Spirit of Tasmania Quay. Yarra Cabs Geelong offers a transfer service to/from Spirit of Tasmania Quay to Avalon Airport.

For bookings or more information, please get in touch with Yarra Cabs Geelong online or call on +61 468 330 509.

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FAQ – Spirt of Tasmania

How long does the trip on the Spirit of Tasmania take?

 The trip on board Spirit of Tasmania takes approximately 9-11 hours. On days of single sailings, the voyage takes 11 hours. On days of double sailings, the voyage takes 9 hours.

Is it cheaper to fly or boat to Tasmania?

The ferry is much more expensive than flying, but you can avoid car rental costs. The break even point for bringing your own car on the ferry is about 10 days of touring. Less than that and it’s cheaper to fly and rent a car. However, all this changes if you don’t have your own car to bring.

Latest fares and offers from Spirit of Tasmania

Whether you’re planning a Tasmanian driving holiday or a mainland escape, organise your next adventure with our latest travel deals and special offers.

What is the best month to go to Tasmania?

Summer. Arguably the best time of year to visit Tasmania is in their summer, from December to February, when it is warm and dry. Maximum temperatures average between 20 Celcius to 24 Celcius along the coast, and the valleys west of Hobart (the warmest locations), regularly rise above 25 Celcius.

Sailing Schedule of Spirit of Tasmania

View ship sailing schedule and times please click on “Sailing Schedule“, the only ferry service to Tasmania. Check-in opens between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours prior to departure and closes strictly 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For all special needs, please check in at least 2 hours prior to departure.

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