Wedding Day Taxis

It’s crucial that all your functions run smoothly and that you and your guests arrive at the ceremony on time. To ensure this, you can use wedding transfer services. Maxi Taxis are a reliable and luxurious option for transportation. You can make reservations in advance, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of wedding preparation.

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Wedding Maxi Taxis

To transport your esteemed guests at a lower price compared to private hire cars it is always recommended to have a Maxi Taxi. There is a distinct reason why you should be opting for a Maxi Cab for weddings.

  • Extra Luggage room
  • Can carry up to 10 passengers
  • Pre-book and pre-pay (online payments) are subject to availability of service and peace of mind.
  • Maxi Cab/Taxi Cab for weddings are decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Not just limited to what’s listed above.  For more details, please get in touch with our team at +61 468 330 509.

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FAQ – Wedding Taxis

How do I get Maxi Taxi for a Wedding Day service?

You can easily reserve a wedding maxi van, or taxi through our online Booking Form or by phoning us at 0468 330 509.

How many passengers the maxi taxi can hold?

The anser is that our maxi taxi can hold up to 10 persons.

How do I reserve a maxi taxi for Wedding Day in Advance?

If you’d like to reserve a maxi taxi ore regular sedan in advance, you may do so online at or by phoning the service line at 0468 330 509.

How far Rocklea Farm is from Geelong?

Rocklea Farm is an affordable, luxury, well-maintained wedding and events venue in Stonehaven, Geelong. They specialize in weddings and corporate events. It is 12km from Geelong CBD.

How far Mt Duneed Estate from Geelong?

Mt Duneed Estate is the perfect venue with something for everyone. Enjoy a meal in The Barrel Hall Restaurant, celebrate a wedding or corporate event, this is perfect venue for everything. Mt Duneed Estate is 22km from Geelong CBD.

How far Austin Wines from Geelong?

Austin Wines -Winery Wedding Venue Geelong – Rustic But Chic Wedding Venue is 15 mins from Geelong and 1 hour from Melbourne.

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