The Maxi-taxi is a motor vehicle constructed like a car used to travel many members in one vehicle. It is ideal for the persons travelling for the long hours and the family or friends who are planning for any trips. More than ten passengers can travel in a single vehicle, whereas a cab is manufactured to accommodate not more than four to five passengers. Maxi taxis are generally owned by private groups, and they provide facilities during airport transfer, School, or college events, big family events, etc. A Maxi Taxi & cab has different usage the only similarity is that they both carry passengers. In this you can see about the difference between the maxi taxi and cab:


In the normal cab persons from the four to five can only travel and they are generally for the nearby areas. They arrived in various sizes of four-wheelers, and it has a different model. The fare price is charged according to the kilometre, and, in that cab, the meter placed shows the distance covered within the specified time. The customers must deliver according to the meter.

A Maxi taxis are generally lengthier in size in that a whole family or a group of friends can travel in a single vehicle. In these Maxi taxis, persons can travel up to 7 to 10 passengers, including many luggage and even two wheelchair dressed passengers. These taxis have charged a little more than general cabs as per their accommodation. You can Book Yarra Cabs Geelong online, and you can wait for a few minutes for the cab will arrive at your destination. Geelong is the place which is located in Australia, and it is famous for its maxi taxi.


Cabs are usually government-operated or individual vehicles. Here the travelers are not allowed to decide their destinations, as they need to ask the driver if they travel to the specific place or not. In these cabs you can travel to the particular areas only and not outside these areas and, each cab has particular designated places. In this you cannot hire a cab for as long travel as you need, they will pick you up from your destination and leave you at the other, there is not at all extended service is offered.

Look for the best Geelong taxi, based upon your needs. A Maxi is owned by private organizations, providing services according to the traveller’s choices. In this maxi taxi generally, there will be a time limit, and it is specified by the passengers. Based on an hourly basis, the customers can pay their charges. If you need to travel to any place around the city, you can hire a Maxi taxi and hire for any reason, such as for a picnic or a full family airport transfer. These private organizations of Maxi taxis are punctual and can reach your specified destination at the planned time.


A cab is suitable for the person who travels as a single or a couple, and they can easily interact with the driver and ask about their nearby areas. Also, you cannot book this cab as per your accessibility, and if you pay more than the normal price, the driver will happily take you around the destination. One of the main benefits of booking a normal cab is if you don’t require any tour guide because the driver can act as one.

A Maxi Taxi and cab are different because the maxi will be well-organized and suitable for a family travelling around Australia, and it has extra space, so in this several people can travel including their luggage and other accessories. In this, you can easily interact with your family or friend throughout the journey without any interference, and a Maxi taxi has a spacious interior, so it contains a lot of free space, you can sit more comfortable as you can. These taxes are friendly and provide a comfortable atmosphere for their passengers.


Cabs are mostly parked around the airport hotels or other roadside places to pick the passenger. You can just come out from the airport and book a cab directly. But sometimes, you have to run nearby a little bit to find which cab will go to the particular destination you are looking for.

Maxi taxis are an extremely hassle-free service so that you can book your travel online on their website, or you can make a call. Being a private organization, they are well familiar with flight details, and they will reach the airport at the correct time so that you don’t have to face any embarrassment. They will be around with you all day based on your preference, and the instant picks up and drop services to the customers are their leading priority.

Final thoughts

Finally, the above mentioned are about the difference between the maxi taxi and cab, comparing to the cab the maxi taxi provide the comfortable service for you.